Feb. 19th, 2007 08:04 am
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It's eight o'clock. So far this morning, I've done a load of laundry, fed the baby twice, bathed her from head to adorable feet, gotten breakfast for myself and Elizabeth, and talked to my MIL about plans for the week. I feel like it should be lunchtime.

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Get mommy to put a white outfit on you - or at the very least, white socks. Pastels can work in a pinch.

Put on your biggest smile and indicate hunger by chewing your fist.

Wear a bib - one of those fabric ones with plastic backing works well. It must be tied on, not velcroed or snapped, and it can't cover more than the collar area for this to be effective.

Ensure that Mommy is making something colourful. Carrots, peas, sweet potato - all of these work. Oatmeal doesn't, unless it's mixed with the above.

Don't let Mommy hold your hands. Much effort will be wasted freeing them from her grasp.

When the spoon comes near your mouth, grab it. The more fingers are involved, the better. Be sure to grab the bowl of the spoon. You get bonus points for grabbing the dish in Mommy's other hand at the same time.

Let go of the spoon when you have enough food on your fingers. If you got some on both hands, put one in your mouth and with the other, grab your toes. Giggle when Mommy protests. The admonition will die in the face of your extreme cuteness.

Let Mommy put a mouthful in your mouth. Swallow some of it, even. Smile at her praise. While smiling, pull your bib to the left. Then turn your face to the right and spit the rest out onto your shoulder. Flail your hands a bit, and get them in the spit-out food. Smear it on other parts of your clothing and on Mommy as she tries to clean you up.

Eat a few mouthfuls without protest, to lull Mommy into complacency and because this stuff is actually pretty tasty. It's all the best flavours of Mommy's Milk, separated and given texture! Spit some onto your bib. If you can pull it so you hit the reverse side and smear it under your bib, so much the better, but don't worry if you can't. Mommy has probably gotten wise to some of your tricks by now.

When Mommy starts saying things like, "Almost done!" and "What a good eater you are!" then it's time for the final tactic. Grab the spoon again, but this time, don't just let go. The spoon is begging to be launched at Mommy. That's what spreading the love is all about, right? Get Mommy's white t-shirt equally covered in orange.

Smile big as Mommy ruefully drags out the camera for a photo-op. This picture will be shown to the world at your high school graduation, so make it good. If there's any food left on your fingers, smear it in your hair as she takes the picture.

Enjoy the ensuing bath. You've earned it.
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. . . is that it's often difficult to determine when, exactly, a baby has done something for the first time.

For example, a newborn baby will often "smile" when a bubble of gas is making its way through. This can happen when they're awake, but it can also happen while they are asleep. It continues to happen while asleep for months thereafter. The theory is that babies do these gassy smiles, get positive reactions and social smiles from the adults around them, and decide to smile socially in order to get that reaction. But their efforts in this regard develop over the space of several weeks, so it can be very hard to determine which upturning of the lips was actually the first social smile, and which ones were proto-smiles.

Today's example: we're pretty sure we've had a few proto-laughs from Claire; that is, she made sounds that could have been giggles while smiling. This morning, she did it consistently four times in a row, in response to something vaguely funny in a baby way - Daddy beeping her nose. So is this the first verifiable giggle, or do we wait until the sounds get more giggle-like to dig out the baby book?

First words are similar. Many babies will say things by nine or ten months that are proto-words and have definable meanings for them, but their parents don't recognize it because the same sound can mean several different things to their baby - not because they can't distinguish between objects but because their vocal apparatii are not sufficiently developed to form the ends of words. Thus "Baa" refers to both the lamb toy (that is constantly being shaken in their face while mommy makes the noise that lambs make) or the bottle, or possibly their blanket. They know which one they mean. It's when the parent figures it out and establishes its consistency that the baby book is dug out and the blank for first word is filled in.

If I were writing one of those ubiquitous "baby firsts" books, I'd provide more than one space for things like early words and smiles, because the decision about which one is the first is so arbitrary that it's nice to record more than just one. On the other hand, considering how many people leave their baby-books half empty due to hectic lives and the decision to "do it later," it's really not that useful to speculate on what I'd put in one. I like livejournal for recording my baby's firsts and attempts at firsts.

So, today's first or really good attempt at a first: a real laugh, in response to having her nose beeped by a smiling Daddy.
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Two needles.
Three skeins of yarn.
Fingering weight.
One pattern.
Two skilled hands.
One loving heart.
One tiny baby.
A sister to three others.
A sixth grandchild.

One failing heart.
Two failing kidneys.
One funeral.
Many lost stories.
One tiny pink dress
Made of three skeins of
Fingering weight yarn.
One box
Many treasures
Stored by a loving mother.

Many years.
Another baby.
of a sister
Of that baby
Who inspired
A tiny pink dress.
One family portrait.
One new grandfather.
Four siblings, now adults.
One baby girl.

In a tiny pink dress.

Dedicated to Maude Page, 1918-1998.

*Three years ago, my older daughter wore this dress. Tonight, my second daughter will wear it for another family portrait.
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My tendency towards verbosity has been severely curtailed by my recent enforced reduction in typographical velocity.

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Hello everybody. [ profile] sassy_fae is typing this up for me as Claire nurses and Piet sits on the floor. *[ profile] pyat waves while eating a timbit*

We've had a pretty good day overall; the paraphernalia of surgery is all gone, Claire has met most of her relatives (and charmed them all,) and I've had lots of opportunities to doze. In fact it's empting to doze while she's nursing: gotta love those endorphins. Tomorrow will be the most difficult day as my milk will not be in but Claire will be truly hungry. If all goes well, my milk should come in Tuesday, in which case we'll get to go home.

We have an appointment with the paediatric orthopaedic surgeon at McMaster on Tuesday to discus Claire's hips.

Thank you all for your kind wishes, I'm looking forward to answering everybody when I get home.

(Note from the transcriber: Erin is looking great and the baby is even cuter than the pictures suggest! Claire is so expressive and utterly charming, even at one day old. I took a couple pictures of the happy parents with their new baby girl, have a look under the cut )
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For those not on the baby filter, a brief update on the baby situation:

Labour - not yet, and not likely in the next few days.
C-section - scheduled for the 23rd, if nothing happens before then.
Induction - probably not an option. If there's a scenario that would normally include an induction, I'll be advised to skip it and go straight to the c-section.

It would appear my uterus is a four-star hotel, complete with first-class chef and unlimited room service. Why on earth would she want to leave?
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My energy just ran out, so it's unlikely my previous spate of productivity was actually nesting instinct. Still, I got a few things done this evening.

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Apr. 7th, 2006 04:11 pm
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Those little targeted gmail ads next to your email are evil. But sometimes that's good.

I went to a site called Nikki's Diapers. I didn't buy anything - but I DID make up a gift registry! I have no idea if anyone buying gifts for this baby will bother to check it even if I point it out to them, but I figured it was no skin off my nose if they didn't. It took me ten minutes, it was fun shopping, and I didn't have to spend any money. Everyone wins!

I've decided to go for contoureds and fitteds for the most part, rather than pocket or AIO's (though I've bought a few of those.) The biggest reason is that I already have several covers in every size range, so AIO's and pockets would be counter-productive. Also, the extra drying time and necessity (for some brands) of hanging to dry are both downsides. I've got tons of stuff in the small size range (up to 15 lbs) so I'm concentrating on the 15-30 lbs range in my looking and buying. I don't need boosters, really - my infant prefolds will make good boosters for the bigger sizes - and I think I'm set for covers, too.

Anyhow, if anyone's interested, the website is and it's under my real name. I figured anyone who was likely to be buying me stuff already had my address or would bring it in person, so I didn't include my address.

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