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I'm using my Peru 4 Less Mystic Alpaca, that has been sitting in my stash for about three years now, in a sweater that will use up most of it, I think. I've got one sleeve within an inch of done, but there was a problem. On this pattern, row gauge needs to be correct, and mine wasn't - I had an inch and a half more fabric than I should have had for the number of rows I'd knit. So I decided to leave the first sleeve on the cord and knit the second sleeve before doing the body. I love Knit Picks Options needles - I just unscrewed the needles from the cord and attached the needles to a second cord, and off I went, knitting the second sleeve on the same needles.

So I've now got the second sleeve almost to the same point as I left off on the first sleeve. When it's at the same row count, I'll block it and measure it and decide where to go from there. If my gauge is the same, I'll knit the remaining inch I need for each sleeve and then switch to the next size needle down for the body. The gauge is loose enough (lace weight yarn on needles normally used for worsted weight = VERY airy fabric) that it probably won't pucker, and if it does, it's at a spot where many patterns would insert a couple of puckers for effect - the top of the shoulder.

I'm still not sure what I'll do if the gauge isn't the same, though.

Some pics, Right through here! )
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Finally, a worthwhile project for those two shades of blue mystic alpaca fingering yarn I have in my stash. I'm debating the merits of randomly switching colours versus a pinstripe sort of look or a heavier stripe or a stripe on the body that leaves the sleeves one colour. I don't have enough of either colour to do the whole thing, and I'm not sure I would if I could; I think the two-colour look might work better for the soft feel of this sweater. In any case, I can't imagine a better yarn than the alpaca. It's beautiful against the skin and has a lovely drape to it.
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Calling all my knitty and mathematically-inclined friends: this website is absolutely fabulous. I want to make all of them but I'd never have enough time.

Pascal's Triangle is in there. They didn't do anywhere near as ambitious a project as I was planning.
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Celtic Knot necklace

I'm not sure if the site requires a login; it's Lion Brand patterns.

I have difficulty wearing a lot of jewelry because my skin is sensitive to at least two metals, so even nickel-free jewelry often doesn't work for me.  I have a small cadre of pretty pieces that I've bought or that friends have given me, mostly in sterling silver, but I often forget to put them on because I never got into the habit of wearing jewelry very much.  I could wear a knit necklace.  I just need to get a spool with small pegs on it, so I could make it up in one of my fine-gauge yarns for a less-cumbersome look than the one in the picture.  Elizabeth's spool is designed for chunky-weight yarn and the stitches for worsted weight look too loose for my taste.  I might look up less bulky versions of a Celtic knot, too.

I have a purple Malabrigo that I couldn't decide on a project for.  I bought it because it was gorgeous, and I take it out every now and again to pet it.  I think I now have a possible project for it!
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It makes me want to go back to school and learn more math. I gotta tell ya, I don't think I've ever said that before.

Knit theory, only it's really crochet

Yoinked from [ profile] wyldraven

Edit: I just read the rest of the article, and I'm amazed at how a journalist who appears to have a working knowledge of high-level math can't seem to grasp the difference between knitting and crocheting. She's not knitting; indeed, knitting wouldn't work at all for this project. She's crocheting, and doing something that anyone who has ever worked a ruffle knows how to do: she increasing the number of stitches exponentially each row, so she starts with a straight line of, say, eight chain stitches, and four rows later has 64 stitches that ruffle. This is the basis for any lacework pattern that doesn't need to lay flat, and I've done it dozens of times.

I've crocheted the hyperbolic plane! Cool!


May. 2nd, 2006 10:03 am
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I've been making a latch-hook Eeyore pillow for Elizabeth. She's been helping by counting out the pieces I needed. I was not too pleased with the kit, though. It appeared the yarn company had put two very different dye lots of the same colour in the package.

It turns out they're actually two very slightly different colours, and I just hadn't read the pattern thoroughly enough before I started. Oops.

So I went through on the back, picked out enough of the darker colour so that I'd have enough to do the pattern, and just left the rest. Then I repaired the holes I'd left. Half an hour wasted, because a month and a half ago, I couldn't be bothered to compare the colour chart to the yarn samples.

I take back the nasty things I said about the yarn company while I was working on it.

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