May. 28th, 2013

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The moving date was moved up a bit, so they'll arrive during the day Friday. I have to work, and they have paperwork and such to do, so I will see D for the first time that day shortly after school ends on Friday afternoon. I've rearranged my school schedule so that I have prep at the end of the day. That means I can slip out a moment before the bell rings and run off to an undetermined "appointment."

Today was a hard day at school. The kids were horrible. When teaching kindergarten (the class I always have trouble with; there are a lot of kids in that group I simply can't get a handle on at all) I had to cancel Farmer in the Dell because a bunch of kids kept refusing to get into a circle and hold hands. And every class except one went much the same way. (The grade ones were awesome, and their teacher asked me to write up my research lesson plans so she can teach this unit next year.) It left me a bit on edge, though.

We have so many plans. There's so much living to do, so many experiences to be relished and cherished and lived, full throttle. Twenty weeks - it's seemed like decades, and it'll fade into insignificance shortly.

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